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Acinar adenocarcinoma prostate prognosis


    Ann Ital Chir ; Current methods show low accuracy for the identification of complete responders. Relevant studies were identified using bibliographic searches of Pubmed database.

    acinar adenocarcinoma prostate prognosis

    The keywords that were used in various combinations were: "neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy", "non-operative management", "complete pathological response", "rectal cancer", "biomarkers", "staging". RESULTS: Magnetic resonance imaging can identify acinar adenocarcinoma prostate prognosis responders with a high accuracy using new protocols like diffusion weighted imaging.

    Positron emission tomography with fluoro-deoxy-glucose shows a sensitivity of A panel of 15 metabolites was identified and shows potential to discriminate patient resistance and sensitivity to neo-adjuvant therapy Area Under the Curve 0.

    acinar adenocarcinoma prostate prognosis

    Furthermore, pre-treatment peripheral blood neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio below 2 and platelet to lymphocyte ratio below Analysis of the pattern of carcinoembryonic antigen CEA clearance after neoadjuvant treatment conclude that an exponential decrease of the CEA levels is associated with significant tumor down staging and complete pathologic response.

    Further studies need to assess the best combination between imaging and these biomarkers in order to increase the accuracy and standardize the criteria for non-operative management.

    acinar adenocarcinoma prostate prognosis