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Dandelion root may become an inexpensive alternative to chemotherapy and radiation — treatments that both come with unpleasant and grueling side effects.

The move into the human trial phase comes after lab tests and animal tests found that dandelion root extract was effective in inducing apoptosis, or cell suicide, in tumor cells, while leaving healthy cells alone.

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The research, led by biochemistry professor Dr. Siyaram Pandey, will focus on end-stage blood cancers. It will take about one year for the final results to be published. Pandey declined to be interviewed for this article, but he discusses the initial results of the lab research and animal studies in a TEDx talk he gave at the University of Windsor.

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Yet cancer cells started dying, and more importantly, the healthy cells were fine. To understand how cancer treatment works, we must first understand what cancer is — damaged cells.

Radu, Maria Sajin Neuroendocrine NE cells are a distinct epithelial cell compartment of the normal human prostate gland. Their phenotype and range of endocrine secretion products are similar, but not identical to those of NE-like cells from prostate carcinoma. Neuroendocrine differentiation NED is a feature commonly seen in prostate carcinoma and a number of studies pointed out that its extent is associated to hormone therapy refractory and aggressive disease.

Cancer cells, however, are our own cells. The problem with traditional cancer therapy is, whatever we design to kill a cancer cell targets healthy cells too, Pandey says.

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There are three safeguard mechanisms when cells get damaged. First, cells try to repair the damage. If neither repair nor apoptosis work, damaged cells go into senescence and stop dividing.


If these three safeguards fail and cells with a damaged blueprint keep dividing, they become a cancerous tumor. Unfortunately, the current treatments available — radiation and chemical therapy — also cause DNA damage and thus, can make healthy cells cancerous.

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In the Petri dishes Pandey and his team found that dandelion caused cancer cells to commit apoptosis while leaving healthy cells alone. They tested the extract on blood drawn from a leukemia patient and on lab rats.

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Photo: Dried dandelion root. Via: Barna Tanko Shutterstock.

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Its use predates written records. The entire plant is edible and the leaves have been eaten throughout its vast growing range.

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Dandelion contains numerous compounds that have been shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant. In a warning echoed by Pandey during his talk, Thompson cautioned against hunting for a single magic compound in dandelion to extract and concentrate for cancer treatment.

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Professionals who use it medicinally — herbalists — have to be very careful about how they administer this ubiquitous plant to clients. Via: Elena Elisseeva Shutterstock. Me that life gave her no choice but to practice herbalism since childhood, and el cáncer de próstata es curable yahoo career has never left that trajectory.

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She studied under some of the most eminent modern herbalists in the country, started her practice inand opened her own school in She loses touch with clients, after all. A decent amount of vitamin K, or B6 and B12? And calcium, magnesium and potassium?

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Or was it chemotherapy? Was it radiation?

Reproducerea integrală sau parţială, sub orice formă,a textului din această carte este posibilă numai cu acordul prealabil alEditurii For You. Acum se află la cea de-a şasea ediţie şi a fost tradusă în maimulte limbi.

Clark often works with cancer patients and she understands the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment: mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, muscle soreness and weakness, skin integrity issues, kidney and urinary tract infections, swollen hands and feet.

Dandelion has no side effects and el cáncer de próstata es curable yahoo uses it to address those issues. Via: LianeM Shutterstock.

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Dandelion is ubiquitous, abundant, cheap, and nontoxic. Rarely does one single compound, medicine, or plant work for everyone.

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