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By CS, a sparse signal can be perfectly recovered from a number of measurements, which is significantly lower than the number of periodic samples required by Sampling Theorem. The THz radiation is nowadays of high interest due to its capability to emphasize the molecular structure of matter. In imaging applications, one of the problems is the sensing device: the THz detectors are slow and bulky and cannot be integrated in large arrays like the CCD.

The CS can provide an efficient solution for THz imaging.

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This solution is the single pixel camera with CS, a concept developed at Rice University that has materialized in several laboratory models and an IR camera released on the market in We reconsidered this concept in view of THz application and, at present, we have an experimental model for a THz camera. The paper has an extended section dedicated to the CS theory and single pixel camera architecture. In the end, we briefly presents the hardware and software solutions of our model, some characteristics and a first image obtained in visible domain.

In this paper, we present three different, alternative applications of this numerical technique: resolution of the integral equation of convolution i. Sandru; Luige Vladareanu Show Abstract The paper deals with conceiving and developing a new open architecture OAH system for real-time control prostate volume normal ultrasound 5 degrees of freedom of a 4 Nano-Micro-Manipulators platform, using optical processing of information and image processing based on multiprocessor systems operating in a cooperation regime in order to achieve measurements, experiments, checks and tests in the field of nano-micro-manufacturing.

Prostate volume normal ultrasound the transmission spectra of rare-earth doped glasses differs from that of the base glass.

Author s : S. Bazgan ; I. Cojocaru; T. Rosca; G. Dorcioman; C. Ristoscu; G. Popescu-Pelin; N. Enaki ; I. Mihailescu Show Abstract Taking into consideration the granulate glass deposition of the TiO2 glass we propose a phenomenological model describing the nonlinear process of the growth of Ti and TiO2 films on Si or SiO2 substrates as function of temperature. It is proposed that the phase transition can take place in earth granule so that the fixed Tg temperature is absent in comparison with traditional phase transition from thermodynamics.

The continue temperature transition from crystalline to vitreous phase in the deposited films is analyzed based upon the nonlinear theory of phase transitions and the granulate aspect of deposited material. Author s : Yu. Ushenko; V. Prysyazhnyuk; M. Gavrylyak; M. Gorsky ; V. Bachinskiy; O. Vanchuliak Show Abstract A new information optical technique of diagnostics of the structure of polycrystalline films of blood plasma is proposed.

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The model of Mueller-matrix description of mechanisms of optical anisotropy of such objects as optical activity, birefringence, as well as linear and circular dichroism is suggested. The ensemble of informationally topical azimuthally stable Mueller-matrix invariants is determined. Within the statistical analysis of such parameters distributions the objective criteria of differentiation of films of blood plasma taken from healthy and patients with liver cirrhosis were determined.

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From the point of view of probative medicine the operational characteristics sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of the information-optical method of Mueller-matrix mapping of polycrystalline films of blood plasma were found and its efficiency in diagnostics of liver cirrhosis was demonstrated.

Prospects of application of the method in experimental medicine to differentiate postmortem changes of the prostate volume normal ultrasound tissue was examined. Author s : George Stiubianu ; Adrian Bele; Codrin Tugui; Valentina Musteata Show Abstract New materials with large value for dielectric constant were obtained by using siloxane and chemically modified lignin. The measured values for prostate volume normal ultrasound constant compare positively with the ones for previously tested dielectric elastomers based on siloxane rubber or acrylic rubber loaded with ceramic nanoparticles.

The new materials use the well-known silicone chemistry and lignin which is available worldwide in large amounts as a by-product of pulp and paper industry, making its manufacturing affordable.

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The prepared dielectric elastomers were tested for possible applications for wave, wind and kinetic body motion energy harvesting. Siloxane, lignin, dielectric Author s : B. Hnatiuc ; S. Ghita; A.

Sabau; M. Hnatiuc ; C. Dumitrache ; M. Wartel Show Abstract Corrosion in marine environment is an actual problem, being a complex dynamic process influenced mainly by physical, chemical, microbiological and mechanical parameters.

Reducing this cost would be a significant saving, and an effective treatment can reduce times related to ships repairing. Biofouling is a main cause of corrosion and for its reduction different methods could be applied, especially in the first part of its production. The atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasmas have been gaining an ever increasing interest for different biodecontamination applications and present potential utilisation in the control of biofouling and biodeterioration.

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They have a high efficiency of the antimicrobial treatment, including capacity to eradicate microbial biofilms. The adhesion microbial biofilm is mainly influenced by presence of bacteria from the liquid environment. That is why this work concerns the study of annihilation of maximum amount of bacteria from sea water, by using GlidArc technology that produces non-thermal plasma. Bacteria suspended in sea water are placed in contact with activated water.

This water is activated by using GlidArc working in humid air. Experimental results refer to the number of different activated and inactivated marine organisms and their evolution, present in solution at certain time intervals after mixing different amounts of seawater with plasma activated water.

Author s : B. Hnatiuc ; A. Sabau; S. Ghita; M. Dumitrache ; S. Pellerin Show Abstract Corrosion in marine environment is a complex dynamic process influenced mainly by physical chemical, microbiological and mechanical parameters.

Biofouling is a main cause of corrosion and its formation contains four steps. To inhibit biofouling it is proposed a treatment based on non-thermal plasma produced by GlidArc, which can be applied before the immersion of small boats in the sea, as well as cleaning treatment of the hull after a period of time.


This work presents the microbiological results of treatment of metal surfaces naval OL36 steel with GlidArc technology, according to the first, respectively the second phase formation of biofouling. Samples of naval steel were prepared with three specific naval paints and before the treatment have been introduced in seawater.

Microbiological results have been compared for two types of treatments based on GlidArc. In the first case the painted samples are submitted to direct action of non-thermal plasma. Our goal is to provide a high level of theoretical background combined with advanced experimental tools in laboratories, and also with simulation platforms.

Author s : Feiza Memet ; Daniela Elena Mitu Show Abstract A challenge that fishing industry is facing is the improvement of the refrigeration technology on board prostate volume normal ultrasound fishing vessels. This paper deals with vapor compression refrigeration systems included on board of these ships.

In these systems, significant thermodynamic losses are encountered in the expansion valve, during throttling process.

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Because it is possible to improve a thermodynamic process by decreasing irreversibility, in this paper it is used an ejector in order to reduce throttling irreversibility.

A new technology results, the use of an ejector as a refrigerant expander leading to the ejector expansion refrigeration cycle. The theoretical study developed here will reveal a performance improvement of the new cycle. Also, because the traditional refrigerant used in marine refrigeration is R a, which presents a high value of its Global Warming Potential, the performance analysis is extended for the case of the use of other more environmentally friendly refrigerants: propane and isobutane.

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Author s : Ionica Ionita; Cristiana Radulescu; Aurora Anca Poinescu; Florina Violeta Anghelina; Raluca Bunghez; Rodica-Mariana Ion Show Abstract Azobenzene derivatives constitute a group of dyes which have photochromic properties and prostate volume normal ultrasound been investigated cum se pune supozitoare rectal pentru prostatită promising systems for diverse applications in the unconventional optic area, their properties can be moulded with help of light.

Author s : Irina Bristena Bacis Vasile ; Paul Schiopu; Cristina Marghescu Show Abstract The efficient and unbundled use of the existing telecommunications infrastructure represents a major goal for the development of the services offered by telecommunications providers. A major telecommunications operator can provide services to a subscriber using a copper wire pair or part of the frequency spectrum of a copper wire pair, together with prostate volume normal ultrasound operators, through a process of unbundling access in the local loop.

Since access to the vocal band is an already solved problem, concerns turn to the broadband access with xDSL service delivery on ungrouped subscriber loops; besides the legal and economic aspects involved this has become an engineering problem also.


The local loop unbundling methods have a substantial technical impact. This impact should be taken into account right from the design stage and then in the standardization stage of broadband systems intended to operate on copper wire pairs in the local loop. These systems are known under the generic term prostate volume normal ultrasound xDSL and began to be analyzed in the late 90s. In this massive development scenario, certain problems will arise from the early stages of deployment, and another type of problems will occur later on when a large number of systems will be installed in a single beam.

Many methods of identification have been used, but that of most common is to use prostate volume normal ultrasound unique serial number for identification of person or object. RFID tags can be characterized as either active or passive [1,2].

The aim of our study was to assess i The aim of our study was to assess if quantitative multiphasic multidetector computed tomography MDCT enhancement patterns of renal masses malignant and benign may be useful to enable lesion differentiation by their enhancement characteristics. We studied attenuation values using the values within the most avidly enhancing portion of the tumor 2D analysis and within the whole tumor volume 3D analysis.

The antenna in an RFID tag is a conductive element that permits the tag to exchange data with the reader. The paper contribution are targeted to antenna for passive RFID tags. The electromagnetic field generated by the reader is somehow oriented by the reader antenna and power is induced in the tag only if the orientation of the tag antenna is appropriate.

A tag placed orthogonal to the reader yield field will not be read.

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This is the reason that guided manufacturers to build circular polarized antenna capable of prostate volume normal ultrasound a field that is alternatively polarized on all planes passing on the diffusion axis. Because the tags are prostate volume normal ultrasound dimensions, in paper, we present the possibility to use circular polarization microstrip prostate volume normal ultrasound with fractal edge [2].

There are compared two solutions, the first using standard MOS transistors and the second using the new GaN transistor. The actual green technologies for obtaining the maximum energy and minimum losses have pushed the semiconductor industry into a continuous research regarding high power and high frequency devices, having uses in both digital communications and switching power supplies.

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Author s : M. Iovu; M. Enachescu; I. Culeac; V. Verlan ; S. Robu ; D. Bojin; Iu. Nistor; I. Cojocaru Show Abstract We present experimental results on copolymer-based nanocomposite made of styrene with butyl methacrylate SBMA and vindeca prostatita in 4 zile semiconductor CdS. Thin film composite samples have been characterized by UV-Vis absorption and photoluminescent spectroscopy, as well as by transmission electron microscopy.

On the other side, the average CdS particles size estimated from the position of first excitonic peak in the UV-Vis absorption spectrum was found to be 2. The PL spectrum for CdS nanocrystals is dominated by near-band-edge emission. The relatively narrow line width nm of the main PL band suggests prostate volume normal ultrasound nanoparticles having narrow size distribution.

On the other side, relatively low PL emission from surface trap states at longer wavelengths were observed in the region nm indicating on recombination on defects. Key words: nanocomposite, polymer matrix, photoluminescence, Author s : Prostate volume normal ultrasound.

Popescu; B. Bita; A. Avram ; V. Tucureanu ; P. Schiopu Show Abstract In this paper we aim to perform a cross section morphological characterization of an acrylic polymer used for dental prostheses subjected to microwave disinfection. The method was largely investigated and the microbiological effectiveness is well established, but there are some issues regarding the in-depth alteration of the material.

In our research, the surface roughness is insignificant and the samples were not polished or refined by any means. Two groups of 7 acrylic discs 20 mm diameter, 2 mm thickness were prepared from a heat-cured powder.